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Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries for this year's 'Power of Small' poetry competition. The creativity and imagination demonstrated by Hertfordshire's young people was incredible.

22 Hertfordshire secondary schools and colleges took part. Each picked their own winning entries to submit to the competition and these were shortlisted to the final 20 poems.

Our 4 competition judges then had the very tough job of deciding the overall 2024 winners. Congratulations to Keya and Evie May, and to everyone who entered, you're all already winners in your own right!



Key Stage 3 winner
Keya from Parmiter’s School

Unnamed poem

In the mundane rhythms of our everyday,
Lies hidden magic, in the choices we convey.
For in the smallest acts, a shift can start,
Transforming the beat of the human heart.

A smile exchanged with a passing stranger,
A ripple of warmth amidst life’s danger.
In the feeting moment, burdens may lessen,
With a simple gesture, spirits begin to freshen.

A kind word spoken in a sea of noise,
A beacon of light amidst the world’s poise.
In the echo of compassion, hearts may heal,
In the smallest gesture, love does reveal.

In the beauty of nature, worries may fade,
In the smallest marvels, serenity is made.
So let us cherish the tiny sparks that ignite,
The subtle shifts that make our burdens light.

For in the minutiae of our daily sprawl,
Lies the power of the small, encloses all.
Let us embrace the magic in the everyday,
And let our smallest acts light the way.

Key Stage 4/5 winner
Evie May from The Highfeld School

The Power of Small

In the shadow of giants, I stand,
A small whisper in the wind’s command.
In the vast lines of the sky,
I’m but a speck, too small to fly.

Feeling small, a lonely mite,
As if invisible in the light.
Rejected by the world’s grand scheme,
Lost within a silent scream.

In the quiet, there’s a strength,
A resilience found at length.
Although I may be overlooked,
In my smallness, I’m unshook.

In the cracks, the tiniest seams,
Where dreams are born from modest means.
The power of small, a hidden gem,
A quiet force that none condemn.

Like a seed in soil, I may be slight,
But within me burns a steadfast light.
I was Rejected, But still endure,
In my smallness, I am pure.

So let me embrace this wretched meek,
In my smallness, I fnd the peak.
It’s not the size that truly thrives,
But the spirit within that forever strives.