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Emotional wellbeing information and resources to help young people in Hertfordshire


All of these services can help you look after your mental health.



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Self-help tools and useful information


Where to get help

If you need some advice, especially if you’re experiencing difficulties, feelings of anxiety or low mood, or while you are adjusting to changes in life, you could talk to your parent, carer, teacher or Mental Health Lead at your school, or your GP. Here are some other useful options:

  • Chat Health
    A confidential text messaging service for 11-19 year olds to contact their local school nursing team.
  • Services for Young People
    Contact a youth worker or personal adviser for one to one and project groupwork support.
  • LGBT+ Multicultural Project
    A Services for Young People project for young people aged 13-17 who are black, Asian, ethnic minority or refugee, and who also identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or who are questioning their sexuality or gender.
  • The Mix
    Leading support service for young people under 25, in the UK.

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Research from around the world tells us there are 5 things we should do more to boost our wellbeing and mood.


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Enjoy the moment. Taking some time to observe what’s happening
around you and to understand your thoughts and feelings, improves


Learn the fundamentals of meditation to keep you calm, focused and relaxed.

High quality videos on meditation and relaxation.

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5 Ways to Wellbeing learn icon

Keep learning. Challenge yourself and try something new to keep your
brain active and improve your wellbeing.

Hertfordshire Libraries

Borrow your favourite books, ebooks or audiobooks and discover a lot more...

Healthy weight
Information on diet, sugar intake, healthy recipes and helpful apps.

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Carry out acts of kindness. Doing something for someone else, whether
big or small, can increase your happiness.


The UK's only online platform dedicated to connecting young volunteers with the causes they care about.

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Exercise often. Even small amounts of exercise you enjoy can boost
your mood and lower rates of depression and anxiety.

Keep active

How to keep moving at home, at school and in your local community.

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Spend time with others. Feeling valued and close to friends, family, work
colleagues or neighbours is important for wellbeing.