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What do JustTalk Ambassadors do?

By becoming a ‘Just Talk’ Ambassador, you'll be:

  • Sharing positive mental health messages and information widely with other people you come into regular contact with.
  • Helping to change the way young people, parents and other professionals think about mental health.

Your actions will help to remove the stigma they may feel and the fear that some people still experience when it comes to asking for support or help with their wellbeing and mental health.

Should you meet people who are struggling with their mental health, you will not be offering counselling or support as there are professionals in place who are able to offer this, but you will be able to share information which they may find useful, such as where to look online for useful mental health information, and where to go for support.

What support will I get?

You'll get a JustTalk Ambassadors Toolkit - packed full of information and ideas about how to get young people talking about thier mental health.

You'll also get:

  • Regular networking meetings with other Ambassadors and professionals
  • Other toolkits and e-learning resources
  • An invitation to our Annual JustTalk Ambassadors Conference