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Who else you can talk to

We’re all different – some of us prefer to speak to someone face to face, some prefer to speak over the phone, while others prefer to chat to someone online.  Whatever your preference, there’s support available:

  • Kooth - Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people
  • ChatHealth - Secondary school aged pupils can text any health questions to a Hertfordshire based Public Health Nurse on 07480 635050 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm).
  • Healthy Young Minds in Herts – Hertfordshire mental health information for young people, parents and professionals
  • Herts Mind Network - Find details of more Hertfordshire support agencies in the Young People’s Signposting guide
  • YC Hertfordshire - information and advice for young people in Hertfordshire. 
  • Youngminds - National information and advice for young people.

Stories from famous and local Just Talk supporters

Check out our good mood playlist on Youtube:

Parents and carers

47% of boys and 39% of girls in Herts say they'd like to speak to a parent or carer if they're struggling to cope.

Although they'd like to, young people often don’t tell their parents they're struggling because of fear that:

  • their parents won’t be able to help
  • they will react badly
  • it would create stress or anxiety for their parent.



Become a Just Talk Ambassador

If you’re interested in:

  • spreading the #JustTalk messages
  • helping others to feel more comfortable talking about mental health

...then watch this space for more about how to become a Just Talk Ambassador.

In the mean time, we've got some presentation slides you can use to help get the mental health discussions started.

Want to learn more?

Here are our top 4 websites to help:

  • MindEd for families – includes free learning modules on topics like general mental health, parenting in a digital world, and parenting a child with issues
  • Parent and family support (Herts County Council) – parenting courses and online learning to help you better understand your child’s brain and the changes that occur through childhood and adolescence
  • Healthy Young Minds in Herts – worried about your child? Here's a rundown of local and national support
  • Young Minds – guidance for parents looking to understand more about mental health and wellbeing. There's also a free helpline for confidential expert advice.