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The Just Talk Hertfordshire partner agencies have worked together to produce a large number of resources to be used with young people and parents. They're to raise mental health awareness and normalise conversations about mental health. 

These have been designed to engage particularly with boys and young men, but they can be used with girls or mixed groups also.

Toolkits and guidance

Contains all the information and resources you need to promote Just Talk in your school or college (Years 5-13). Contact us if you need hard copies.

Contains all the information and resources you need to promote Just Talk at youth groups, sports clubs or other groups of young people aged 9 or over.

Guidance for any individual, team or organisation that promotes or engages people in mental health services.

Make sure you're doing enough to engage with boys and men

Social media

We encourage all agencies across Hertfordshire that talk about mental health on social media, to adhere to the Hertfordshire social media agreement. This was developed as part of the county’s Suicide Prevention Plan.

To normalise positive conversations about mental health, we need to work together to get messages out as widely as possible. Take a look at our communications and social media plan.

Lesson plans, discussion guides and exercises

These lesson plans have been designed to raise mental health awareness in the classroom.  The Reach Free School have developed additional resources which you may find useful when planning to deliver the lessons.

This is a short quiz that can help to dispel some of the myths surrounding mental health.  You can use this, or you could do the Time to Change quiz online.


Web and digital resources

A range of PNG vector files and a high resolution logo for promoting the Just Talk campaign on your website. There's also a slide for screens in waiting rooms.

Download web and digital resources (ZIP, 2.9mb)


Young people worked with us to create short films to raise awareness of the positive impact that talking can have on our mental health.

Please share them far and wide!

If you decide to create your own Just Talk film and share it with us, please use this consent form for any children or young people (PDF, 35kb) who feature in the film.