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Watch the Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Survey 2021 Results webinar. It provides an overview of the results and is for any professional who works with or for young people in Hertfordshire.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at E:

The full webinar is 40 minutes, 54 seconds long:

If you’d prefer to watch specific sections of the full webinar above, the links to each section are below:

Introduction (2 minutes, 15 seconds)

Key Messages (4 minutes, 40 seconds)

Mental Health and Bullying (9 minutes, 27 seconds)

Sexual Health Drugs and Alcohol (7 minutes, 47 seconds)

Healthy Lifestyles (5 minutes, 32 seconds)

School Feedback (1 minute, 32 seconds)

How to use and interpret the survey results  (7 minutes, 54 seconds)

Thank you (1 minute, 6 seconds)