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Just Talk


Young people worked with us to create short films to raise awareness of the positive impact that talking can have on our mental health.

Please share them far and wide!

If you decide to create your own Just Talk film and share it with us, please use this consent form for any children or young people (PDF, 35kb) who feature in the film.

Find out how easy it is to use #JustTalk resources in your school and the positive impact it is already having on young people’s mental health





Web and digital resources

A range of PNG vector files and a high resolution logo for promoting the Just Talk campaign on your website. There's also a slide for screens in waiting rooms.

Download web and digital resources (ZIP, 2.9mb)

Social Media Toolkit

1. Facebook and Linked templates

2. Twitter templates

3. Instagram templates

4. Ready to use posts

5. Images

6. Logos

7. Fonts

8. Guides

Canva Template

Five Ways to Wellbeing


Posters to share the Just Talk messages and local mental health support information. Includes a poster for form rooms.

Download Just Talk posters (.zip, 3.3mb)

Template Presentation Slides

We have developed these presentations (ZIP 4.77MB)Opening in a new window for you to use in your schools or other settings. There's a primary, secondary and parent version.

The notes section for each slide provides you with example scripts and further information.  You can adapt these slides for your setting. Contact if you have any questions about how to use these slides or if you wish to order printed copies of resources.


Just Talk is a multi-agency approach. If you’re involved in the campaign, feel free to use the logo.

If you’re unsure, email us at







Sleep Campaign


Short Clips

Static Images


Campaign Guide and Canva Templates

Mental health support for Herts young people

Mental Health Support for Herts Young People - December 2022 ( Docx - 6.18MB)

Facebook Images

Instagram Images

Twitter Images

Early help social media toolkit

Early help social media toolkit - October 2022 (Docx - 3.93MB)



MP4 Videos